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Lesson 40 - Ancient Record of the Jaredites

“Lesson 40: The Jaredites Are Led to the Promised Land,” Primary 4: Book of Mormon, (1997),141

Mormon's son, Moroni, gives an account of ancient inhabitants who came to the Promised Land (Compare Lesson 7) durring the time of the Tower of Babel.

Many Bible scholars believe the Tower of Babel was built between 2400 - 2300 B.C.
In contrast Nephi and Lehi (from Lesson 2) left Jerusalem in 600 B.C.
The last survivor of the Jaredites (from Lesson 41) lived around 200 B.C.
Moroni, who abridged the Jaredite record, lived around 400 A.D.

Read Ether 1:1–4, 33–43, 2, 3, 6:1–13, Genesis 11:1–9, and the Fourth Article of Faith.

The Jaredites came "from the great tower, at the time the Lord confounded the language of the people" (Ether 1:33). The Lord didn't confound their language "the brother of Jared . . . [was] highly favored of the Lord . . . [he] did cry unto the Lord, and the Lord had compassion upon [them]" (Ether 1:34–37).

The brother of Jared ask Heavenly Father "whither we shall go . . . into a land which is choice above all the earth" (Ether 1:38).

To prepare for their journy the Jaredites did "gather together . . . flocks . . . seed . . . freinds and their families . . . fowls of the air . . . fish . . . swarms of bees . . . and whatsoever beast or animal or fowl that they should carry with them" (Ether 1:41; 2:2–3; 6:4).

"And it came to pass that the Lord did go before them, and did talk with them as he stood in a cloud, and gave directions whither they should travel" (Ether 2:4–6). We too can receive divine guidance in our lives through answers to prayer, through the Holy Ghost, through prophets and other leaders, and through the scriptures.

The Jaredites were being led to a choice land to "raise up unto [the Lord] . . . a great nation . . . because this long time [the brother of Jared] have cried unto [the Lord]" (Ether 1:42–43).

When the barges were nearly finished, they had two problems: "there is no light; whither shall we steer? And . . . we cannot breathe, save it is the air which is in them" (Ether 2:19). The Lord asked the brother of Jared to find a solution to the problem of lighting the barges (Ether 2:23, 25; 3:1). We can learn from the experiences of the brother of Jared that the Lord will help us solve our own problems, but expects us to do as much as we can on our own.

The brother of Jared made stones of glass and asked the Lord to "touch these stones . . . with thy finger, and prepare them that they may shine forth in darkness" (Ether 3:1, 4–5). Jesus Christ help him and "stretched forth his hand and touched the stones one by one with his finger" Because of his great faith "the veil was taken from off the eyes of the brother of Jared, and he saw the finger of the Lord; and it was as the finger of a man" (Ether 3:6).

"the Lord showed himself unto" the brother of Jared "Because of [his] faith" (Ether 3:9–15). The brother of Jared learn that the body of Jesus Christ "that Jesus showed himself unto [him] in the spirit, even after the manner and in the likeness of the same body even as he showed himself unto the Nephites" (Ether 3:6, 15–17 aslo see Lesson 33). The brother of Jared saw the spirit body of Jesus Christ, which looked very much like the physical body Jesus received when he came to earth.

As the Jaredites crossed the sea, the Lord protected them and pushed them with a wind, as the Jaredites "did not cease to praise the Lord" (Ether 6:5–9).

As soon as the Jaredites landed on the shore of the promised land they "bowed themselves down upon the face of the land, and did humble themselves before the Lord, and did shed tears of joy before the Lord" (Ether 6:12–13). What blessings are you thankful for? How can you show Heavenly Father that you are grateful for our blessings?

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