Book of Mormon Primary Lessons

Lessons from the Book of Mormon as taught by S.J. Hollist, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Stake Conference

Stake Conference is a semi-annual occasion when all of the Wards (A local group of people who all meet in the same building at the same time to from a single congregation) within a pre-defined area (called a Stake) meet at the same time to listen to speakers. It usually lasts about 2 hours, and is hosted at the Stake Center (an extra large chapel where the Stake offices are located).

This time we were visited by an Apostle who is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (the second highest governing body of the Church).

There was a great deal of excitement within the Stake, and despite not being able to get very close, it was certainly an exciting experience for me as well, to be able to see an Apostle in person.

Here are my notes from his talk:

1134 people present (9:30 am session - Wester Wards; Eastern Wards met in the afternoon).

Don't Revile against revilers
Our feelings move us to action - not facts
God will not give revelation to someone else for things you need to know in your life.  He will give it to you directly.
A Bishop may counsel, but it is up to then individual to choose to follow that counsel
In the temple the volume of revelation is turned up.
The lord knows what's best - listen to his revelations.
Mothers (Parents) can have revelation for the family.
Revelations can be simply for our experiences and to test us, to see if we will act upon it.
You can't go to heaven without continual repentance other wise your headed to hell.
It's better to be next to hell on your way to heaven then close to heaven headed towards hell.
The Lord will manifest himself to all nations - to all who seek his gospel / truth.
We all have missionary responsibility towards our neighbors.
Put the Lord first in our life - don't fix your priorities on other things (i.e. Materialism). Things of the world don't last and devalue.

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